The Wichita Parks Foundation (WPF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2011.

It is the intention of the WPF to act as the fundraising arm of the City of Wichita’s Park & Recreation division in an effort to help support and sustain continued community access to critical programming, as well as to help in improving and expanding existing facilities and green spaces so as to ensure residents and guests in the Wichita metro area are afforded the opportunity to experience an innovative, vibrant, and culturally rich community.


With your support, the Wichita Parks Foundation will:

  •  Solicit public and private sector funding to help maintain the park and recreation system.
  • Advocate for the development and stewardship of all the City's park properties.
  • Provide support to special project volunteer groups in helping to raise funds.
  • Promote a sense of ownership through volunteerism. 
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility and direct needed resources into the parks and recreation community.