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How You Can Help

Want to help us put our mission into action? Here’s just two of the ways you can lend a hand.


The Wichita Parks Foundation can’t do what we do without you. If you or your group have projects you’d like to lend a hand with, contact info@wichitaparksfoundation.org or reach out to Penny Garding with the Park & Recreation Department at pgarding@wichita.gov or 316-268-4124.

Join the Board

The Wichita Parks Foundation is currently recruiting volunteers to fill several positions on our board of directors. Consisting of up to seven members, including president, treasurer and secretary, plus ex-officio members, directors serve staggered, three-year terms.

Interested candidates will be evaluated on the following personal and/or professional characteristics during the selection process:

  • Creative nature
  • Problem solver
  • Friendly / comfortable in social settings
  • Community Involvement – Volunteerism
  • Experience serving on non-profit boards or community organizations
  • Willingness to serve without conflict of interest
  • Team player
  • Patient
  • Honest
  • Responsible
  • Comfortable in fundraising roles
  • Strength of social and professional circle of influence
  • Department Director to C-Suite professional in career
  • Sense of entrepreneurial spirit
  • Work or Reside in the community
  • Comfortable serving as ambassador/spokesperson for the organization

Above all, as a members of the Board of Directors will serve as a responsible steward of the mission of Wichita Parks Foundation. Furthermore, members of the board will serve the board without receiving any financial personal gain.

Functions or requirements of a volunteer member of the Board of Directors:

  • Be aware / know the mission of the organization and its programs
  • Be a passionate “good will ambassador” for the organization – inform others about the organization and its services
  • Fundraise for the organization – meet specified individual fundraising goals by year end
  • Stay informed of current events which affect park and recreation funding, facilities and programs in the city of Wichita
  • Volunteer to serve on committees which include Fundraising, Marketing, Volunteer and Capital Campaign (project specific)
  • Attend all board and committee meetings – miss no more than two board meetings per calendar year (emergencies will be taken into consideration and handled as needed)
  • Review agenda and materials prior to board meetings – come to meetings prepared to contribute constructively
  • Attend or support organizations’ activities i.e. fund raising events.
  • Recruit/be aware of others that would make good board members or committee members
  • Respect the values of the organization – no conflict of interest, no unlawful activities or involvement in areas deemed inappropriate
  • Assist the organization in being fiscally responsible in carrying out the mission of the organization

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Laura Rainwater, WPF Board Chairwoman, at info@wichitaparksfoundation.org to further discuss this opportunity to serve, and/or to submit your name as an interested prospect to serve on the board of directors.


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